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The health in hand Philosophy: Prevention is Key!

We all know that being in good health is a great way to prolong our lives and make getting older less arduous, but being healthy has to be one of the most enabling and empowering things you can do for yourself.

Imagine waking up feeling energetic, clear headed and lively; Imagine feeling motivated to exercise and feeling even more energised afterwards; Imagine dealing with the stressful events in your life and bouncing straight back to top form; and imagine how all this could impact on your family and friends.

Creating a healthy body and mind is key to realising your own dreams and ambitions and to supporting those of the people you care about.

I am here to help you find what it is you need to reach your optimum health and to provide information, guidance and support on your journey there.

The Magic 8

  1. Give your body the right fuel so it can function at its best. Eat minimallyy processed, whole foods. Limit highly processed foods – they offer no benefit and can cause serious harm. Avoid wherever possible refined seed ols, refined grains and refined sugars.
  2. Look after your gut bugs. The gut microbiome is a vast array of amazong microbes that can poitively affect every system in your body, including yyour brain, so look after it with the 3Fs: fibre-rich foods; fermented foods and fasting.
  3. Minimise the burdens you place upon your body.  Environmental toxins are everywhere and once we become overwhelmed by chemicals and  toxins that the body will start to malfunction in any number of ways.
  4. Move your body regularly. Challenge it, push it and stretch it in a way that makes you feel good. It doesn’t need to be formal exercise, just be more active more often.
  5. Find a positive emotional outlet. Express yourself! Stress, overwhelm, frustrations, disappointments – all can take their toll.
  6. Take time to input, most of us output far too much. Focus on yourself and on meeting your needs. It’s not selfish to look after your self. It serves everyone
  7. Sleep – don’t compromise your sleep for anything or anyone other than the absolute essentials.
  8. Learn to recognise and update old habits and beliefs which no longer work for you and are holding you back. You are not your story!

Together, we will establish the details of these principles as they apply specifically to you by looking at those areas which negatively affect your emotional and physical health and then identify the steps you can take towards being the very best you can be.

What makes health in hand unique?

My success as a natural health therapist lies in the fact that I aim to address the emotional, psychological, physical and nutritional aspects of my clients lives – an approach I believe is vital if I am going to help you to make significant and permanent changes to your lifestyle and increase your sense of wellbeing.

Superficially eliminating symptoms is not the same as addressing the root cause. My diverse experience and my extensive studies and research, together with a history of personal health struggles, ideally equip me to be the catalyst and guide for the changes you know you need to make, but don’t know how.

An important factor in my clients’ success is the continued support I offer as part of my health programmes. I do not simply prescribe and then abandon my clients, instead, I maintain contact to provide emotional and practical support as it is required.

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