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Feedback From My Gut-brain Talk At The Royal College Of Physicians …

Feedback from my gut-brain talk at The Royal College of Physicians …

Your score was overwhelmingly ‘excellent’ so thank you again for your contribution to such an an amazing day.    
Please see the comments regarding your presentation below:
Excellent talk – could listen all day
Inspirational – I am buying her book
Really new areas to me and inspired to find out more and think about this for me, my family and clients
Validated! Years of clinical practice observing the link now backed up by research. V enriching and professional and personal basis
Brilliant talk I have learnt a lot, also really good advice which feels empowering for patients/ clients.  Will definitely be getting the book.
Learned a lot.  The best and most interesting section was the gut-brain axis.
Very informative and interesting – kept me engaged throughout the talk – Amazing speaker
An enormous amount of info, very useful and good to know about and share with clients
Awesome presentation – felt like a TED talk!!
Completely mind-blowing and totally inspirational.  Brilliant speaker!!!!!!
I was really looking forward to this and was not disappointed! So enthusiastic and knowledgeable.  Especially interesting because it has its relevance for every person, linked to everyone not just TBI clients.
Made me want to revamp my diet but seriously useful tips we can easily implement to clients
We hope to work with you again in the future. 
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