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The Nuts And Bolts Of Fat-burning

The nuts and bolts of fat-burning

In my new book, ?Why Eating Less & Exercising More Makes You Fat? chapter 10 is where I tie up all the pieces. From previous chapters you will have learnt the whys and whys are really important for motivation and long-term compliance.

Some of the whys I explain: Why is it so important to manage your blood sugar management? ?..because high blood sugar triggers high insulin. Why is that an issue?.. because if you over-produce insulin, you are turning whatever you eat in to body fat and turning off your fat-burning mechanisms; leptin sensitivity ? what is leptin and why does it matter?.. well, leptin is your fat management hormone, if it isn?t communicating with your brain, your brain doesn?t know that it needs to turn on your fat burning mechanisms! You will also have learnt why too much exercise can sabotage your weight loss goals and what exercise really makes a difference. Crucially, you will have become familiar with the magical world of our gut microbes and how a poor balance of these bacteria can make losing weight really tough, why they can trigger major sugar cravings and how easy it is to get you gut microbes, and you, jumping for joy. I?ve also demystified the incredibly potent practice of intermittent fasting ? how it can improve all your health markers and supercharge your fat burning potential.

Now you get to see how it all comes together in practical to turn you in to a happy, healthy fat-burner rather than a miserable, sluggish sugar craver. It?s not complicated and it?s not faddy; it?s not about counting calories or feeling deprived, it is about feeding your body food that initiates powerful rebalancing of hormones, brain chemistry and gut function all of which lead to good health, and good health automatically generates fat burning and appetite management.

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