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Is It You Craving Sugar, Or Your Gut Microbes?

Is it you craving sugar, or your gut microbes?

Fungi are incredible things. They are not plant but not animal, they are essential to life and they are everywhere including inside your body. As you will know if you’ve read previous blogs, the microbes inside our digestive systems influence every function within the body, including a healthy brain (the brains of Alzheimer’s patients are now known to have a degree fungal overgrowth). There are probably some positive functions being carried out by some of the fungi in our systems, but this is yet to be fully understood. What is known is that an excess of yeasts and fungi in the gut can trigger very powerful cravings for sugars and starchy, yeasty foods (bread).

If you suffer from a constant drive for sweet or starchy foods, or if at certain times of the day, all you think about is getting a sugar fix, it could be that it’s not actually you but an overgrowth of yeast (fungus) in your system, demanding to be fed. Yeasts thrive on sugar. We all have some degree of yeast and fungi in our guts and in a healthy system they are kept under control by the good stuff that lives there too. However,if you are eating sugars and starches on a daily basis, it is likely you are super-fueling the yeasty-guys and killing off the good guys. If the beneficial microbes get overwhelmed, the healthy ecology of the gut is thrown out of whack and that then has a knock on effect on so much else within the body.

An excess of yeast and fungi can manifest as dandruff, fungal nail infections, thrush infections, skin rashes, ‘jock itch’. But it may be that you have no such obvious symptoms, but more subtle issues like headaches, coated tongue, bad taste in your mouth first thing in the morning and a lot of bloating. A really common symptom is also brain fog!

How to fix it? Starve those billions of hungry fungi who love, love, love to feed on sugars and starches. That means NO SUGARS and refined starches for a good 30 days, it may take longer. You can speed up this process using an amazing probiotic yeast (counter-intuitive yes, but trust me – it’s an amazing way to clean out the nasties) called Saccharomyces Boulardii. Couple Sacc. B with a really good probiotic (capsules, liquid or powders containing live beneficial bacteria) and/or feed your good bacteria with fermented foods and fibre and you can rectify this problem amazingly quickly. Sort this imbalance out and for many, their sugar cravings disappear or certainly dramatically reduce as will all of those other horrid symptoms.

To find out more about how to de-sugar your body and brain and how to re-seed your good gut bacteria, read chapter 5 & 9 of my new book

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