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Do You Know Your Sugars From Your Starches And What Turns A Good Protein Bad?

Do you know your sugars from your starches and what turns a good protein bad?

Do you know the difference between, starch, simple sugars, resistant starch and fibre? All are carbohydrates and all have a different impact on fat storing and fat burning ability. Understanding the effect these different forms of carbohydrates have on your metabolism is critical to long-term health and weight loss.

Some carbs will actively put you in to fat-storing mode and shut off any possibility of burning your own body fat as a source of fuel. Other forms of carbohydrate actually feed your good bacteria, improving your overall health, including your fat-burning capacity. Some carbs trigger inflammation, which makes you more prone to fat storing, some carbs calm inflammation allowing the body to heal and regulate hormonal and metabolic balance.

When is comes to proteins, did you know that a high protein, low fat diet is extremely unhealthy? It puts the kidneys under a huge amount of pressure ad can lead to many imbalances and inflammatory issues. However, too little protein, that?s a big issue too, especially if you are trying to burn fat and build muscle.

Protein comes not only from animal sources like meat, fish, eggs and cheese but beans, nuts and seeds are also useful sources. Protein should always be accompanied by plenty of natural (non-refined) fats to be digested in a healthy and balanced way. Protein in a non-processed form i.e. as nature intended, often naturally contains fat along with the protein. Do you know which of the proteins listed above is the only one very low in fat?

Having a wide range of proteins, balanced by fat, in appropriate amounts, at every meal, is key to long-term health and metabolic balance.Getting the optimal ratio of healthy, slow-burn carbs (think green leafy & brightly coloured veg), appropriate amounts of protein, plenty of balancing fats and filling fibre is essential but not difficult. Whether breakfast, a quick snack or a four-course feast, ensuring you have all of these elements present will really help in transforming your body in to an energetic, fat-burning machine. It doesn?t have to be complicated; it doesn?t require weighing scales or apps to work out, but it is important you become aware of the whys and hows of getting this balance right.

Chapters 7 & 8 in my new book explains these principles in simple, accessible language.

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