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How Hormonal Imbalance Can Make Us Fat

How hormonal imbalance can make us fat

A key factor to whether we store fat or not is down to numerous metabolic hormones. Insulin and leptin are 2 really essential players and if these hormones are unable to work properly, the body?s fat burning ability rapidly drops, making weight loss almost impossible and weight gain scarily easy. These hormones, as with any hormone in the body, can stop working if we become resistant to them. Resistance to insulin is what causes type 2 diabetes, meaning the insulin cannot regulate our blood sugar efficiently. This is not only dangerous because high blood sugar is a major trigger of inflammation, it also means we have to produce great quantities of insulin to regulate our blood sugar, and the more insulin in the system, the more readily food becomes body fat.

But there is another really essential part to this puzzle. Insulin resistance and excess body fat are both major triggers of inflammation and inflammation stops your main fat burning hormone from working properly. Leptin, a hormone that should prevent us from every getting too fat or too thin, is what works really well in naturally skinny people, ensuring they unconsciously eat and then store or burn off the right amount to keep them at the perfect weight / body fat percentage. Once leptin stops working (due to inflammation, processed foods, stress to name but a few) your body has no means to assess whether you are too fat or too thin, so it errs on the side of caution and ensures you keep eating and keep storing, making weight loss increasingly more difficult.

These hormones can be re-sensitized i.e. made to work properly again, relatively easily. It takes some lifestyle changes and a bit of discipline at first, but once these hormones start to work as they should – back to factory settings as I like to say, magic happens.

Find out how to do this in chapter 3 of my upcoming book: ?Why Eating Less & Exercising More Makes You Fat?. Out on Nov 10th.

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