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The mechanics of getting fat

The body is a miraculous machine, still far from being fully understood. A huge area of research in the last 20 years has been identifying triggers of inflammation inside the body as inflammation is known to be a major cause of chronic disease. A key initiator of internal inflammation is excess body fat, especially the fat that accumulates around the organs, increasing the waistline. This is known as visceral fat and the more you have the greater your risk of type 2 diabetes, dementia, cardio vascular disease and stroke to name a few.

Even seemingly skinny people can have too much visceral fat, so just focusing on what you weigh is not helpful. Getting your body fat percentage checked annually in a professional environment is far more indicative of how well, or unwell you may be. Understanding what makes us prone to storing fat around the middle is essential to then being able to reverse and / or prevent this.

We need a certain amount of body fat to function well. If we keep within the margins of around 15 ? 22% for men and 18 ? 25% for women, the body is able to produce plenty of energy in between meals and at night; has enough cushioning for the organs without the organs being over-burdened by fat and when we have the appropriate amount of body fat, our hormones can signal to each-other and the brain efficiently, ensuring we stay in a state of healthy balance. This then allows for a natural, clear appetite regulation (you know when you?re hungry and you know when you?re full), balanced energy production without energy crashes and sugar cravings, muscle mending and building and manufacture of hormones. In short, you don?t have to try to lose or gain, to work out when to eat and when to stop ? your body clearly tells you.

We can quickly lose this natural self-regulation of appetite and fat burning as it can be deregulated by many modern-day life style factors. Understanding which of these factors are affecting you and what to do about it is essential to re-programing the body in to being able to naturally self-regulate, taking away the hard work of the guess work when knowing what to eat, how much to eat etc.

My book “Why Eating Less & Exercising More Makes You Fat” explains this subject and much more in lots of easily accessible detail. Available from November 10th 2016.

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