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Great New Health & Cook Book: Gut Gastronomy

Great New Health & Cook Book: Gut Gastronomy

I am very excited to announce the imminent release of a fabulous health / cookbook that I have contributed to. The concept and all the fabulous recipes are based upon the digestive health regime that I formulated 2 years ago along with my great friend, colleague and all-round incredible therapist, Elaine Williams.

We created a 7 day regime to run at Grayshott Spa in Surrey. It has been hugely successful and as we were constantly being asked for the recipes, we have now created an extremely beautiful and practical book to allow people to put themselves through the regime at home.

The recipes have been developed my Grayshott’s executive chef, Adam Palmer, who took our very rigid health demands – no grains, no dairy and no starchy veg please Adam (!), and ran with it without a grumble to create a wonderful array of gorgeous grub that specifically aids in restoring good digestive / bowel function, improves blood sugar / insulin management and as an added bonus, serves to burn body fat really effectively.

Big thanks to Vicky Edgeson, who took on the rather ominous task of putting in to words what it is that Elaine and I believe so passionately in. It’s never easy writing on behalf of someone else, especially as Elaine and I are such health nerds, resulting in Vicky being bombarded with theory and research far beyond the scope of the book, which left her the very difficult task of then putting it all in to a limited word count.

The book is launched tomorrow, available on Amazon and in bookshops (yes, they still exist), so go take a look and enjoy some truly delicious food that will do you a lot of good 🙂

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