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A Big, Fat Juicy Read Of Hard Facts On Why Animal Fats  Are Your Friend ……

A big, fat juicy read of hard facts on why animal fats are your friend ……

One of my great passions is reading and I usually have several books on the go. Some are night-time novels for easy reading to send me to sleep. Many are scientifically-based, hefty tomes about the health and nutrition world. One such is Nina Teicholz?s book ?The Big, Fat Surprise: Why Meat, Butter and Cheese Belong in a Healthy Diet?. I bought it last year, began reading and then got side tracked (by a new book about brain health and diet – soooo good!). I resumed reading over the Christmas hols and couldn’t put it down. It is so thoroughly researched, explained and qualified and so it should be as took 10 years of dedication to produce. It is pretty heavy going so for those health and science nerds out there, enjoy! Below is a short excerpt from the conclusion of her book:

??we know that there are many good reasons to eat animal foods like red meat, cheese, eggs and whole milk: they are particularly dense in nutrients ? far more so than fruits and vegetables. They contain fat and protein in the proportion that humans need. They have been shown to provide the best possible nutrition for healthy growth and reproduction. Saturated fats are also the only foods known to raise HDL-cholesterol, which has shown itself to be a more reliable predictor of heart attacks than LDL-cholesterol. And saturated fats, like all fats, do not make people fat ??Eat butter, drink whole milk and feed it to the whole family. Stock up on creamy cheeses, offal and sausages, and yes, bacon. None of these foods have been demonstrated to cause obesity, diabetes or heart disease. A large and growing body of recent research now points strongly to the idea that these conditions are caused instead by carbohydrates. Sugar, white flour and other refined carbohydrates are almost entirely the main drivers of these diseases. Recent scientific research and the historical record all lead to the conclusion that the consumption of refined carbohydrates leads to a higher risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes.?

So spread the word folks. The low fat message is deeply flawed and has become accepted as fact without any valid scientific qualification. Enjoy those fats 🙂

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