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So Much Info To Share

So much info to share

I know I’ve been a pretty poor at blogging lately – I’m too busy learning and not spending enough time sharing. I promise I’ll be doing a thyroid blog and a irritable / Inflammatory bowel Syndrome blog very soon. But for now I’ll leave you with a fabulous little nugget of information that I’ve just come across.

There is a blood test you can have to look at your long term blood sugar levels. People with type 2 diabetes tend to get this done to see how well their glucose levels are being managed. The test can give a measure of the last 3 months of blood sugar. This is because glucose (blood sugar) binds to red blood cells (making sugar coated cells). If there’s a lot of sugar in the system, it coats the blood cells with a thick, sugary coat, making the blood cells brittle with sharp edges. These sharp edges then nick the arterial walls causing damage to the delicate arterial walls. This then triggers the liver to produce extra cholesterol, which is sent to the damaged arterial walls where is plasters over the damage to mend it. If this continues, over time the cholesterol builds up, blocking the arteries. When this is investigated the cholesterol is blamed as the culprit, but it is not the fault of cholesterol.

So, yet another reason to keep that blood sugar under control.

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