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Feed Your Cells Real Food

Feed Your Cells Real Food

The old adage of ?you are what you eat? is a sensible way of looking at food, but take it one step further and you are going to be taking much better care of yourself.? The quality of the food you put in to your body is so crucial to what your body is able to do with that food.

So many of your highly processed, pasteurized (high-heat treatment to kill all bacteria in the food ? even good bacteria!); pulverized (high-speed grinding, de-husking, flaking, flouring etc.); pre-cooking; colouring; bleaching; deodorizing; re-forming; artificially flavouring etc. etc. leaves the final product pretty much devoid of any goodness and instead you have a plate full of readily stored calories with nothing nutritional to properly feed and nourish the body.

This can not only lead to overeating, as the body will crave more food in order to get the essential nutrients it needs to function, but you can also become majorly malnourished!

Getting micro-nutrients like selenium, chromium, magnesium, potassium etc. is so key for your glands, cells, brain etc. to function and for the tiny little powerhouses inside every cell, your mitochondria, to produce your core energy, ATP. Malnourished cells simply cannot produce the energy you require for all your bodily functions and for the external energy you need to get on with getting on.

The thyroid gland, for example, found in the neck, is essential for energy production and weight balance. The thyroid produces thyroid hormone, which is required by EVERY CELL in the body to make energy. Without key nutrients like selenium, the thyroid cannot use iodine, which is the main fuel for the thyroid. It also needs zinc and iron, magnesium and lots of vitamin A to function well. The thyroid is just one of many glands that all work together t keep your body in balance and ticking over. Throw out one and all the rest will be affected.

Low energy, lethargy, fatigue are such constant complaints in my clinic, and there are many, many reasons why you might be feeling perpetually wiped, so give your body the best chance to re-balance and rev up by feeding it REAL FOOD i.e. one ingredient foods ? foods that are as nature designed. The more messing around the food manufacturers do to food the more nutrients are lost.

Simply having 4-5 Brazil nuts a day will give you your daily requirement for selenium. A range of green leafy veg will supply loads of potassium and magnesium. Eat meat that looks like meat, not something that has been reformed, coloured, mixed in with lots of nasty ingredients and made to taste of something entirely other.

And remember you are what you eat, ATE. If the animal product you are eating comes from and animal that has been intensively reared, raised on food loaded with antibiotics, growth hormones and any number of other chemicals and hormones, then you are eating that too. If the animal has not bee raised on its natural diet, namely grass for cows and lamb, and chicken and pigs should be snuffling and pecking around eating grubs, worms, food scraps etc. then the qualities within the meat and the fat will be entirely different to ones fed on genetically modified corn – the standard base for feed-lot intensively reared animals because corn is a high starch (think sugar) food, that makes animals grow fat really fast.

As a result, the fat will contain the chemicals and hormones from the feed plus loads of omega 6 from the corn, a pro-inflammatory fat. The muscle meat will be flaccid, fat-riddled and lacking in essential amino acids required by our bodies for tissue mending and muscle building. ?A grass-reared animal, on the other hand, will have high quality protein, packed with amino acids and the fat will contain the very fabulous omega 3 from the grass. Omega 3 is so good for so many things, not least for blood sugar management, key for weight loss and energy production. Meat from grass fed animals also contains CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), an essential fatty acid that aids in fat burning and muscle building.

With fruits and veg it matters too. Plants produce their own system for self-protection when they are growing. As fungi and bacteria attack them, they then produce natural compounds to repel the attackers. It is these compounds that we benefit form when we eat the plant. They help protect our cells from damage and even show great promise as cancer protectors. However, if the plants are heavily sprayed with fungicides and pesticides, or if the seeds are genetically modified, the plants are not triggered to protect themselves, so we don?t get the benefit from these amazing and potentially life-saving natural miracles.

Please think about your food, what?s in it, where it?s come from and what it will be doing for your body. Keep it simple, keep it natural and you?ll be fueling your cells to fuel you from the tiniest of your cells, to your brain to all those glands producing a cascade of hormones that all need to be fed REAL FOOD.

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