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Finally The Message Is Getting Through….

Finally the message is getting through….

Well actually it’s a very, very old paradigm that’s become a new paradigm, but who cares if the message is getting through, and that message is …

FAT IS GOOD, SUGAR IS BAD – simple – ish. Of course it cannot possibly be that simple, but I have been pushing the message of how important good fats are for health for years. This includes the much vilified, but actually very fabulous, saturated fat. I have also been banging on about how systemically damaging sugars and many starches are … and no, we do not need sugar, not even a little bit to be healthy, we don’t even need grains. Our bodies can manage perfectly well with carbohydrates from veggies and low-sugar fruits – trust me!

I was, therefore, relieved, delighted and so excited to read in numerous newspapers from The Express to The Telegraph that a top cardiologist is stating that the health recommendations over the past 60 years have been misguided and incorrect and? that there is no data to support the theory that a high fat diet causes heart disease and high cholesterol. There was? also a huge response in the media to the news that the World Health Organization are changing the amount of recommended sugar consumption to be reduced by half and a sugar tax to be re-introduced.

Phew, hopefully it will be slightly easier to get my message across now that mainstream media are reporting on this. Now there was a bit of a blip at the beginning of the week with an American professor stating that eating meat and dairy can be as dangerous to health as smoking 20 cigarettes a day, or some such nonsense, but I won’t go in to the details as Dr Briffa did a much better job – you can find the link to his interpretation on my twitter and Facebook feed.

So, just quickly, I will once again, encourage those of you who are stuck in the old paradigm of low fat eating? (which is actually new since you can look at any traditional, tribal, un-Westernised diet and see not one was a low fat – never mind our paleolithic ancestors), to embrace the healing, balancing, nourishing, uplifting, blood stabilising, blood sugar balancing joy of eating nuts (esp. macadamias), seeds, avocados, olives, olive oil, butter, coconut in all its glorious forms,? ‘happy’ red meat, fish, fish and more fish – the oilier the better.

Yum Yum 🙂

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