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Corn Fed Meat Is NOT A Healthier Option

Corn Fed Meat is NOT a Healthier Option

I find it extraordinary that meat raised on corn-based feed is sold as if you’re getting something special, that you’re paying that bit extra because you’re getting a better quality product, because the animal has eaten corn. This is utter nonsense!

Cows, pigs, chickens? they all have a natural diet of predominantly grass, leaves, green stuff. Green stuff contains lots of beneficial nutrients that are passed in to the meat, including omega 3, that’s the super-dooper, mega healthy essential fatty acid that we’re pretty much all deficient in. Chickens and pigs are omnivores – they naturally eat primarily plant foods, grass, roots etc. plus bugs, worms, grubs, whatever they can find amongst the grass. This provides essential nutrients to keep the animal’s immune systems and bones strong and maintains a healthy balance of omega 3 to 6.

Intensively reared livestock and many free range animals are fed a corn-meal feed, fortified with vitamins, minerals, antibiotics and growth hormones. The corn meal is cheap and fattening and totally throws the natural essential fatty acid balance to up to 20:1 in favour of omega 6. This is really bad news for our health.

So, don’t be seduced by meat labeled as corn fed giving the impression that this is a good thing. Try, try, try and source pasture-raised meat. If you can’t find meat that is not grain-fed, don’t eat the fat – that’s where you’ll be getting the bulk of the omega 6. Pasture raised will cost more, so eat less.


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