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Intermittent Fasting Is Here To Stay

Intermittent Fasting is Here to Stay


I have been experimenting with intermittent fasting (IF) for a couple of months now. If I’m going to recommend something health-wise, I need to have personal experience where possible, so I’ve been giving it a good go. I have also been researching it further and the science is so compelling I would be crazy not to be doing something that is so strongly backed by science for improving all sorts of health markers.

My personal preferred method is the 16/8 because this fits with my lifestyle, but there are many alternatives depending on how your life works. I am generally doing 4 – 5 days a week of 16 hour fasts, eating normally (of course healthily)? from between 9am and 5pm.? I exercise in the morning when I’m in a fasted state as this further accelerates the benefits and I cannot believe the energy I have and how well I feel. I also seem to have more time as I spend less time eating and thinking about eating.

The thought of this is far harder than putting it in to practice. Knowing how good it is for the body really helps. One fascinating bit of info I read recently explained how IF re-ignites the system of autophagy:? removing dead cells, repairing damage cells and recycling cells too. This process happens effortlessly and continuously when we’re young but becomes very inefficient as we age. Stimulating this process through IF prevents damage build-up. This has huge implications for cellular function and over-all health.

You will find a lot of info about IF online and most will focus on the fat-burning benefits. Of course this is? positive but I prefer to focus on the wider benefits. Autophagy is a natural detoxing process on a cellular level and is so much more significant than any short-term detox regime which works only while you’re on it – if that!

Also, IF increases something called Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor – a protein produced in the brain involved in memory, thought processes and making new neurological connections i.e. learning. It appears that once the body is in its post-digestive state, it can then get on with really important other stuff, but most of us don’t give our bodies that chance because we’re never without food for long enough.

Here’s a link to a IF blog: it is mainly fat-loss focused but it does explain the different methods really well. So, if you want more energy, want to get leaner and smarter while cleaning up your insides, give it a go.

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