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Check Out COYO

Check out COYO

Just a quickie to let you know about a great new product. For those of you who are avoiding dairy for whatever reason, and choose to avoid soy alternatives due to all the health concerns surrounding soy, then COYO is something worth looking out for. A couple in the UK are now producing this super-healthy product having discovered it in Australia.

COYO (think coconut yogurt) is simply the flesh of coconuts whizzed up to a smooth, creamy texture to make a fabulous dessert. Coconut is such a super-dooper super food for many reasons, so finding a new, relatively unprocessed, delicious coconut product is worth blogging about.

There’s a choice of plain, berry, mango and raw cacao (another super-dooper super food, so a double whammy) and the only other ingredient added is a little Xylitol ( a very healthy, natural sweetener). Look out for it in your health food shop and if they don’t stock it, ask them to! Most independent health food shops are happy to try out new products and this is a really great one.? Enjoy!? 🙂

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