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Where Did All The Trans-fats Go?

Where did all the trans-fats go?

I was planning to do a quick update on my thoughts on healthy fats and unhealthy fats .. it is such a confusing area that I am often asked about and one I am doing my best to keep on top of. So, in preparation for my blog I had a nagging question about how ‘spreads’ made from vegetable oils are now advertising themselves as free of trans fats.

I know that in order to make a vegetable oil solid at room temperature there is a lot of processing involved, which used to mean the unpleasant consequence of super-unhealthy trans fats.? So, trans fat free spreads were a bit of a mystery to me … until? now.

Yes, there is a new process in town – Interesterification. A major mouthful and not a very desirable one? (surprise, surprise) but it does mean that food manufacturers can now label processed foods as being trans fat free.

This is a process of adding vegetable oils to fully hydrogenated fats, which surprisingly do not contain trans fats (because they’ve become fully saturated but are still super-processed, super-damaged and super-nasty) So, the adding of vegetable oils to hydrogenated fats – interesterification, is a new process to be aware of and concerned about.

I have brain fatigue as a result of the three and half hours I have just spent researching this process and the studies that show all the negative health consequences, so much so? that I am too pooped to elaborate further right now, but I will explain more very soon .. it’s not good news, as I think you will have guessed 🙁

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