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The PH Balance Hot Potato.

The pH Balance Hot Potato.

This is a very brief post to let you know what my latest health hot potato is: the body’s pH balance. I have been studying natural health for over 20 years and I have always accepted the theory, taught to me by my various naturopathic teachers, that an acidic environment within the bodies tissues, blood and cells is the basis for disease. I have also always believed that what you eat and how you live your life i.e. levels of stress; quality of sleep; level of exercise etc. can alter your pH balance.

Many natural health practitioners, including me at times, use pH testing strips to measure the acid / alkaline levels of clients’ saliva and/or urine. If too acidic, I recommend a diet high in vegetables, especially greens, vegetable juices and green powder containing chlorophyll to help alkalise the blood while also reducing protein intake.

Now I am in the midst of some major research to determine what the truth is behind this theory. The science doesn’t really back it up. There are many systems in the body to ensure the body remains in a slightly alkaline state. There is a very small tolerance for the pH level in the body and many factors can affect it. Too much or too little and the body quickly begins to struggle so the body needs to be constantly? self- regulating its acid/alkaline balance.

So, as yet I have nothing conclusive.? I am inclined towards the theory that getting plenty of greens, veg juice etc. and few highly processed (acidic) foods is a good idea for health in general, but quite what effect good diet practices have on blood pH specifically is not so clear and something I’m determined to get to the bottom of. Watch this space ….

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