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89 Versus 2 …. This Is A Mind-blowing Fact About Cancer.

89 versus 2 …. this is a mind-blowing fact about cancer.

This is a brief blog about a huge subject which I will cover in more detail in subsequent blogs. However, I couldn’t resist sharing this with you….

I learned something astonishing during a recent lecture on cancer. This might not have quite the same impact on you as did on me because nutritional science really floats my boat, but please have a think about what this might mean to you and your family.

Cancer cells, as you may know, are cells that divide and multiply very rapidly in an out-of-control manner. Healthy cells, once damaged or exhausted, naturally trigger their own cell death. Cancer cells do not, they continue to multiply causing all sorts of damage, as we well know.

This rapid and continuous growth of cells takes a lot of energy. Unlike healthy cells, cancer cells are anaerobic, meaning they do not use oxygen as an energy source. Subsequently, these hungry cells need another fuel source ……? SUGAR!

A healthy cell has 2 receptor sites for glucose (sugar) …..? cancer cells have 89!?

Yes, cancer cells need sugar to grow. They are fueled by the sugar in your diet. We all have pre-cancerous cells in our system and what determines whether or not these turn in to rapidly growing? tumours, or not is complex with many factors at play. However, the fact that each cancer cell has so many receptor sites to take in glucose is a big clue as to what enables a cancer cell to thrive.

Food for thought eh?

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