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Sauerkraut – Yum Yum And Good For Your Tum!

Sauerkraut – yum yum and good for your tum!

I have just made sauerkraut and I am determined to make it regularly and not just because I love it.?? It is extremely easy to make and it is really, really good for you.

All I did was finely slice cabbage, added really good quality sea salt, a few juniper berries and black pepper corns, squeezed and pummelled it until there was lots of juice and then bottled it. Now I have to wait for a few weeks for the magic to happen . For more detailed instructions have a look online. There are YouTube videos and loads of websites on fermenting foods and you’ll discover that virtually any vegetable can be fermented to improve its nutritional content and health benefits.

The reason this is such a healthy food is down to the production of lactic acid that is a natural byproduct of the fermentation process. Once the cabbage has fermented, eating it will assist digestion by feeding the good bacteria in the gut and help to eliminate the unhealthy pathogens that can overwhelm these good bacteria, which are so crucial to our digestive function, including absorption and manufacture of nutrients;? immune function; liver function and bowel function.

It is tasty, healthy, cheap and easy to make, so I strongly recommend you have a go 🙂

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