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One Thing You Need To Now About HRT….

One thing you need to now about HRT….

You may well be wondering what this photograph has to do with HRT. Sadly, it has a very direct association. What you are seeing is a row of small stalls where pregnant mares are tethered, unable to lie down or turn around, as their urine is being collected for the production of what is termed ‘natural’ HRT.

These horses are kept dehydrated to ensure high concentrations of hormones that are used to make hormone replacement therapy for menopausal women. The most well-known brand name of this type of HRT is Premarin. I won’t go in to the details of this barbaric, outrageous and nonsensical process – you can easily find out about what goes on to get these hormones by looking on the internet.

Suffice to say, there are vast? farms in North America and Canada with thousands of pregnant mares are kept in hideous conditions and the foals that are born as a result of all these pregnant mares, are killed.

As the hormones in Premarin come from an animal as opposed to being made in a lab, the manufacturers are able to call this a natural product. However, does it really make sense that the oestrogens from a horse are going to be suitable for women?? There are currently a number of law suits being filed as a result of health issues caused by taking Premarin. But this is a huge money-maker for the pharmaceutical company who makes this product, so its use continues.

If you choose to take HRT, the important question to ask about the medication you are recommended by your doctor is whether it is bio-identical to your own hormones. Horse hormones are not.

Please spread the word about this terrible practice. There are petitions online and loads of information. Surely this is wrong on many levels.

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