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A Very Quick & Nutritious Supper

A Very Quick & Nutritious Supper

I was watching Hugh FW at River Cottage and he was making some fabulously simple and tasty suppers with leftovers from Sunday lunch. I suddenly became acutely aware of how very hungry I was but I knew that the cupboard, fridge and pantry were pretty bare. Determined to eat something ‘proper’ rather than just more nuts or carrots and hummus, I threw together what may seem like an odd combination but doesn’t the saying go? – necessity is the mother of invention?

I knew I had some lovely fresh, organic eggs, and where there’s eggs, there’s a healthy meal. Eggs are such a great food – high in protein, if free range they contain precious omega 3; the yolk contains lecithin to emulsify the fats; choline for a healthy brains;? mood and immune-enhancing, bone strengthening vitamin D and sulphur for healthy, hair, skin and liver function. They also contain Lutein – a carotenoid essential for healthy eyes and it is now well established that they do not contribute to high levels of unhealthy cholesterol – in fact quite the opposite. So,? eating good quality eggs offers great nutrition as well as convenience. Here’s what I did with mine:

I started with some extra virgin coconut oil melting in a frying pan; threw in some chopped shallots, sliced mushrooms and the stalks of some sad looking chard. After a few minutes I put in half a can of cannellini beans, lots of thinly sliced garlic, the chard leaves shredded and a couple of lightly beaten eggs. Stirred all together? until the egg were cooked, I finished with plenty of freshly ground pepper, a little celery salt and a little lightly grated Parmesan.

It looked very ‘rustic’, thank you Hugh, and tasted really delicious. It filled me up, warmed me up and it did me a lot of good. Try it!

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