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Yet More Nutrition Confusion

Yet More Nutrition Confusion

So, further to yesterday’s blog, I was looking through some magazines today whilst waiting to give blood. I never read magazines, but as they were there and I had a long wait, I thought I would browse through the 2 that were health related. One was called Good Food, the other was Good Health.

As I worked my way through the multiple pages of ‘Expert Advice’ and health recommendations,? I had a little chuckle to myself:

  • there was a recommendation from the British Heart Foundation to have red meat once a week only
  • a 3 page spread on healthy fats totally denounced coconut oil, warning that the latest craze in California for eating 3 tablespoons of coconut oil a day for weight loss and good health must be ignored as there are no studies to prove that this saturated fat is healthy
  • meanwhile, industrialized oils like rapeseed, corn oil, sunflower seed oil? – all of which I am convinced are extremely harmful to health, were being touted as healthy options.
  • Potatoes, whole-grains,? lentils and beans were all mentioned multiple times for their super-health giving properties.

Virtually everything I read was in direct, total opposition to what was recommended for optimum long-term weight, cholesterol, blood sugar and mental health by the Paleo mob.

The one thing that appears to be a universal consensus amongst the medical fraternity, the natural healthers and the health fascists is that we should all be taking at least 2000 IU of vitamin D3. I can speak from my own personal and clinical experience that this fat soluble vitamin is significantly lacking in the vast majority of Brits, it is really hard to get enough from the diet and the little sunshine we are exposed to, and supplementation can make a huge difference to mood, sleep, bone health and immune function.

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