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Keep It Simple In 2012

Keep it simple in 2012

A week in and are you giving yourself a hard time for not sticking to those resolutions of abstinence from alcohol, chocolate, crisps and late night takeaways etc. etc.; of daily exercise; never skipping breakfast; drinking more water…..?

Well, rewind, forget all of the must nots, must do more ofs, must eat less ofs and simplify and healthify by keeping it really simple. Here are a few basics which, if you keep in mind, most of the time, you’ll do your body and your mood a serious favour:

  • Keep it fresh – aim to have some fresh fruit or veg with every meal (don’t rely too much on fruit if you’re hoping to lose weight as it is sugar-packed. I recommend 2 pieces of non-tropical fruit per day). Opt for variety, locally grown and a wide range of highly coloured veggies where possible.
  • Watch those coffees?? – if you do have a coffee make sure you have it once you’ve eaten something. That way the caffeine won’t play havoc with your blood sugar and adrenaline levels. Ideally opt for green, white and herby teas.
  • Notice what you’re eating – unconscious eating can result in bloating, poor absorption of nutrients and major over-eating, so don’t eat while distracted or on the run. Sit down, chew well and focus on what you’re eating.
  • Try and have some good quality protein like free-range eggs meat, fish, nuts or pulses with wholegrains with every meal.
  • Make sure you are getting the essential fats you need. Omega 3 – soooooooooo important (refer back to previous blogs). Take a high quality, high potency fish oil or get eating LOTS of oily fish.
  • Try not to eat too late; try and avoid refined sugars and grains; definitely avoid trans fats and don’t deny yourself all of your favourites, just have them on occasion, in moderation and when you do – really enjoy them.

More on easy, healthy tips to come 🙂

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