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Blast That Belly Fat And Keep Your Arteries Healthy Too….

Blast that belly fat and keep your arteries healthy too….

How? It’s very, very simple. Drink 5 – 6 cups of green tea every day.

Extensive studies have been carried out to identify the many health benefits of green tea. Many studies have established that regular green tea consumption can reduce body weight and specifically abdominal fat. One study measured abdominal fat loss of up to 17.8% over an 8 week period – this is phenomenal and just from drinking tea!

Green tea has many added benefits: the high level of antioxidants offers protection from many cancers; it has been shown to reduce the detrimental affects of metabolic syndrome (a collection of ailments that significantly contribute to cardiovascular disease including high blood pressure & cholesterol, insulin resistance & obesity); green tea has also been shown to protect against Alzheimers, dementia and heart disease, specifically by improving cholesterol profiles and arterial health? – how incredible is that?!? Why on earth is green tea not a national requirement for everyone?

Back to weight loss, the phenols is green tea are thought to influence metabolism. This affects weight loss in general and abdominal fat in particular. So get drinking! But be warned – green tea can taste quite bitter. ?This can be avoided quite simply, DON’T USE BOILING WATER. Simply switch off the kettle before it gets to a rolling boil, or wait for it to cool a little after the kettle has switched itself off. Better still, tell me where I can get a kettle with a thermostat. If they don’t exist, please invent one someone 🙂

These days green tea is readily available and comes with many added flavours so experiment until you find one you really enjoy. And don’t worry about the caffeine in green tea. This is counteracted by an amino acid in the tea which is very calming, stimulating ‘feel-good’ chemicals in the brain and inducing a deep sense of calm and relaxation . Yet another reason to drink the stuff.

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