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What’s For Breakfast?…

What’s for breakfast?…

It has been far too long since my last blog. So much has been going on in the health world and as a responsible nutritional therapist I have been attending numerous trainings, trade shows, lectures and forums to maintain my CPD (continuing professional development) requirement and to keep up to date with the latest research and discoveries in the world of natural health.

I have also been working hard on the book and I have been very busy with clients. Interestingly, numerous people have come to me lately for help not with a specific illness or health complaint, purely with a desire to be as healthy as they can be. This always makes me very happy as prevention is always far preferable to cure.

I am often asked in my practice and when contributing to newspaper and magazine articles, what I eat for breakfast. Getting your breakfast right is key to maintaining steady energy and blood sugar and subsequently managing what you eat for the rest of the day.

It has been a lengthy work in progress to find a breakfast that I not only enjoy but also offers me the correct balance of macro-nutrients, micro-nutrients, healthy fats and fibre to keep my going until lunch time. In fact I have done such a good job, my lunchtime is now around 3pm as I am not hungry or even thinking about food until then.

So, what do I have? Well, I always chop up some fresh fruit ? not a lot, usually half an apple and half a kiwi. If berries are in season I?ll be having blueberries and strawberries (British, of course).? Added to my fruit are? freshly ground seeds. This may sound like a faff but it isn?t if you get organized. I make up a large pot full of my seed mix which I keep in the fridge – generally 50% flax about 25% pumpkin seeds and the remaining 25% made up of hemp with a little sunflower and sesame too. A couple of tablespoons in a little coffee grinder and whizzed up for a few seconds, you have a highly nutritious, tasty ?powder? full of healthy fats, fibre and minerals.


On to this I add a sprinkle (about 2 tablespoons) of organic jumbo oats (this amount varies depending on whether or not I?ve just got back from a run), I then add some toasted coconut flakes, a dollop of live, organic natural yogurt and moisten it all with some oat milk ? my current favorite now that I have totally rejected soya milk!? Oh yes, I also add a teaspoon of a powdered multi vitamin and mineral product (from Cytoplan) that tastes mildly of vanilla and offers me trace nutrients that are easily lacking in today?s foods. This is a tasty little nutritional health insurance I choose to invest in!

Adding the yogurt, coconut and freshly ground seeds ensures I have a balance of proteins and fats to the carbs found in the fruit, oats and oat milk. If I want a really super energy-charged breakfast, I also add some goji berries and raw cacao nibs.


It may sound exhaustingly complicated to those of you who are used to opening one box, pouring in some cereal, adding milk and you?re done, but it?s really not. It takes me a couple of minutes and I know I?m giving my body all that it needs, especially after a hard work out.

I do also love an eggy breakfast. I use really good quality eggs to increase the nutritional value. Invariably scrambled for ease, I add watercress, rocket or spinach, garlic and onions? to make it super-scrumptious and nutritious. However, my eggy option never satisfies in the same way my oaty breakfast does so it?s the egg option if I know I have to eat an earlier lunch or when I am not working out.

I ALWAYS start my day with a pint of warm lemon water and I have white tea when I eat my breakfast.

I am always hungry when I have my breakfast. This is important as, if you are not hungry, you will not digest your food very well and it’s very easy to overeat.? I love not having the crazy energy dips and mood swings I used to have before I learnt to eat well. So, for those of you who crave carbs, use caffeine and sugar to keep you going and are ready for lunch by midday, consider making your breakfast more substantial, well-balanced and filling. If you do, you may well find you eat less throughout the day while you have more energy, more mental clarity and if you?re struggling to lose weight, this approach could make a big difference to what the scales say too 🙂

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