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Super-Foods No.3

Continuing on my Top 10 Super-Foods, here are the next 2. You may think I’m dragging this out but I’ve included lots of info on each to inspire you to get using these fab foods, so stay with me 🙂

7. Green & White Tea – the tea leaves used in green & white tea are the very same as those in your bog-standard black, builders tea. There are health benefits associated with black tea too but it’s the green and white varieties that offer some really potent health benefits as they are less processed so contain more nutrients:

Both teas contain powerful anti-cancer chemicals due to the wide range of anti-oxidants , white tea being more effective than green for certain cancers. These teas are strongly antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral; they stimulate metabolism so help in weight loss; they protect cells from aging and they contain an amino acid that has a calming effect on the body so it helps calm the nerves. White tea is made from the youngest? teas shoots which might explain why it has more powerful qualities than green tea, but both are phenomenal and both will give your immune system a great boost.? Important: do not use boiling water on these teas – it will be bitter and unpleasant to drink. Use water that has cooled off or stop the kettle before it gets to a rolling boil.

8. Coconut? Oil – This is becoming more easily available as coconut in general is increasingly becoming recognised as a real star food. For a long time coconut was shunned as it is a high source of saturated fat which we all know we should limit – right? Well, not necessarily. Saturated fat in coconut has medium chain fatty acids unlike saturated fats from animal sources which are long chain. Medium chain saturated fatty acids are very readily converted into energy rather than body fat, unlike long chain fatty acids, making it a great fat to use for metabolic support and weight loss.

Coconut oil has many more health benefits, namely: it is anti-fungal, anti-bactertial & immune boosting; great for skin and hair condition; helpful for high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels; aids in maintaining bone health, dental health and kidney function. It is also considered helpful for diabetes and heart disease and because it is high in caprylic acid it is really helpful for anyone with Candida – a really tricky condition to treat.

Yes, wow! It is amazing. As it is a saturated fat it will not damage when heated so it is great for pan/ /stir frying. It works really well in baking and some people like to put a dollop in a smoothie for the taste, texture and health benefits. It has a mild coconut taste but nothing too overwhelming. I also like to use coconut drink; coconut milk is lovely to flavour and thicken sauces, although check the label as many add lots of unnecessary additives; coconut water is amazingly hydrating and extremely good for replacing lost electrolytes after a hard workout and toasted coconut flakes are great to add some crunch and flavour to muesli, to include in crumble toppings and to simply snack on – it’s yum!

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