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The Very Worst Of American Cuisine

The Very Worst of American Cuisine

I know this is a pretty ropey photograph but it was taken in great haste in case I got in to trouble for industrial espionage!

This is a new ‘breakfast food’ from one of the most prolific fast-food chains in America – Dunkin Donuts. They are EVERYWHERE, sometimes 2 to a block. I was so shocked to witness a drive-thru Dunkin Donuts on the outskirts of Boston that requires a traffic cop to manage the traffic as it is consistently so busy the policeman has to filter the cars back on to the road.

This new product is sausage meat wrapped in a pancake batter with maple syrup. It represents the very worst of junk food: high saturated fat, high refined carbs / sugar, high salt and virtually no fibre. This type of food eaten regularly will rapidly pile on the pounds, increase blood lipids and contribute to high blood pressure due to the high sodium content. Also, the high fat, sugar and salt combo is classic for triggering cravings for more and more of the same.

In my opinion, these foods should have a serious health warning. There is evidence to suggest this type of food? stimulates the pleasure centers in our brain so effectively that your body will literally crave more of these foods in the way addicts crave their next fix -? as brilliantly detailed by David Kessler in his book ‘The End of Overeating’.

Suffice to say, I didn’t have any sausage pancake bites – yuk!

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