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Some Positive Signs on the New York High Street

Despite the many hideous fast-food outlets in NY, I was really heartened to see a variety of new, healthier fast-food options. Hummus bars were popping up everywhere plus Maoz Vegetarian, a European chain (there’s only one in the UK in central London) that offers freshly made falafel with the choice of wholewheat pita and lots of fresh salads with tahini dip and hummus.

Even in the airport I managed to have a wholewheat burrito stuffed with brown rice, black beans, tofu and lots of veggies – not my usual dish of choice but I was expecting to be left wanting and hungry as the the usual choice of burgers or pizzas is simply not an option for me and opting not to eat the food on the plane, I was happy to fill up on a relatively healthy burrito made right in front of me 🙂

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