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Soya Blues – finding a good alternative is not so easy!

My previous post about soya products has certainly generated quite a stir. I completely sympathise with those of your who are struggling to give up your beloved soya milk. I miss it too 🙁 I miss the taste, I miss the way it filled me up and it was such a great source of protein to balance out the carbs in my oaty breakfast. But the facts remain, soya is off the menu, so an alternative has to be found.

My quest for a suitable replacement continues. I lined up 5 alternatives: semi-skimmed goats, organic skimmed cows, coconut, oat and almond milks, and listed all their nutritional components so I could make a good comparison. Sugar-free almond milk comes out well with a good balance of carbs, proteins and healthy fats but finding the unsweetened version is proving difficult and it’s very expensive. Coconut milk I like, mild tasting but disappointingly low in protein. The fats in coconut milk are really good though as they go straight to liver where they’re converted to energy. Cow’s milk just doesn’t sit well with me, albeit skimmed and organic, there are still a lot of reasons why we really should not be drinking the milk of an animal so much bigger than us. Goats, as I’ve said before, is much closer in composition to human milk, but still, it tastes really, well goaty, I still can’t like it. The non-animal ‘milks’ are considerably lower in protein but Oat milk comes out the highest, just. With really healthy fibres and fats oat milk is one to try but it does contain relatively high levels of sugars whereas coconut milk is very low in sugars although also low in fibre.

So, I am still unsure of the best option and as a result I am rotating oat with almond with coconut. Next to try, quinoa and hemp milks – watch this space 🙂

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