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Is eating meat a healthy option – here’s what I believe…

People are often surprised when I tell them that I love eating meat. It is assumed that as a health nut I will be vegetarian. I have been through a veggie phase, I have even been through quite a lengthy vegan phase. I did this is the past with complete conviction at the time that these protocols were the best thing for my health but in fact I was over-weight, sluggish and constantly craving carbs!

As I understand more & more about nutrition, my body and health in general, I realise that there is no one eating regime that is ideal for everyone. I am also utterly convinced that for many, eating meat and fish is fundamental to good health while many vegetarians rely far too heavily on dairy products for their protein. In my opinion, we are far better off having animal flesh than animal milk, especially cow’s milk, but that’s for another blog.

So, yes I eat meat and at times I have a very strong sense that I need some red meat, but I have pretty stringent rules around what I animal flesh I eat. It has to be happy meat/fish, meaning at the very least free range, ideally organically fed and/or grass fed meat and wild fish.

It is also important to limit the amount as the body cannot store excess protein and surplus amounts are dehydrating and very taxing on the body’s eliminatory organs. As the type of meat I eat is more expensive than intensively reared fish and meat, it makes total sense to have small amounts but of the best quality.

Having a healthy source of animal protein will keep you feeling full for longer and satisfy your appetite quickly, making it essential for weight loss; it reduces the glycemic index of your meal as all good quality protein has a low GI, another weight-loss benefit and grade 1 protein is essential for tissue repair ( so the more you exercise the more you need) and it regulates sleep, digestion and hormonal balance.

So, small, regular amounts of happy meat is, as far as my body is concerned, a very good idea 😉

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