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Fishy fats and Green Tea – a Potent Fat-Burning Combo

I have just read a fascinating article explaining how the combination of green tea and one of the omega 3 fats, DHA,? is effective for weight loss, specifically fat burning. As I’ve stated before, green tea is known to be thermogenic, meaning it stimulates metabolism and having plenty of healthy fats is absolutely necessary for burning up body fat, which is why low fats diets are a big no-no in my book.

This new study confirms these theories, explaining that one of the active ingredients in green tea combined with DHA found in fish oils caused body fat to be burned at a higher rate for 2 hours after eating and body fat, especially abdominal fat, was mobilsed to be burned as energy – how great is that!

Green and white tea contain a compound which also offers powerful protection against certain forms of cancer, heart disease, stroke and dementia. Fish oils offer essential cellular support providing protection against many cancers and heart disease plus they support brain & digestive function and skin health.

These studies are so important to remind us all of the power of natural products. I hope this encourages you all to take your high quality fish oils and to drink green and/or white tea on a daily basis 🙂

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