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More On The Great Sugar Debate

More on the great sugar debate

I? last wrote about refined carbohydrates being the big baddies of weight gain. Well, there are some natural foods that are also laden with sugars which actually have the same negative impact on blood sugar levels and high insulin output.

These foods are certainly considered healthy by many and they do have nutritional attributes that most processed, refined foods do not. However, if you want to lose some pounds, particularly that stubborn belly fat, then you have to severely limit these foods too:

Dried fruits. Yes, packed with healthy fibre, potassium, iron and tons of sugar, the biggest culpit, dates. Having? a little dried fruit is fine, but don’t think of these foods as healthy and therefore free reign and always eat them with some raw nuts like almonds, Brazils, walnuts etc. The protein and healthy fats in the nuts will balance out some of the sugars in the dried fruit, slowing down the release of sugars in to your blood.

The same applies to certain fresh fruits: grapes are packed with sugar. Think of each grape as a teaspoon of sugar and you’re not far off; topical fruits like mango, pineapple and bananas are all fairly high in sugar. However, there are some worse culprits – old (large), white potatoes that are baked, mashed, chipped or roasted are extremely high in natural sugars. Boiled new potatoes and sweet potatoes (weirdly) are much better options.

So, if you know you have blood sugar issues; if you have crazy cravings for carbohydrates and/or if you have stubborn weight to lose, dramatically cut down on these foods.

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