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A Really Good Way To Start The Day…

A really good way to start the day…

I had a great run this morning. Up and out bright and early. I like to run before breakfast. It means the body has to work harder as blood sugar is very low so the body is forced to find fuel from elsewhere.? Any exercise carried out before eating breakfast means your body has to use fat as its energy source ? bravo!? However, it is really important to hydrate well before exercise, especially after a nights sleep when we can become quite dehydrated, so a large glass of lemon water is perfect before getting going.

It is equally as important to eat a carb-rich breakfast after strenuous exercise. Your muscles will be totally depleted of glycogen which, if not replenished, will impair muscle repair and leave you feeling very tired and heavy limbed.? Oats are a great source of slow-release sugars, healthy fibre and oodles of other health benefits.? Adding nuts and seeds to your oats is always a good idea to add ?some protein and healthy fats. If you then include some fresh fruit to your oat-based cereal, you will have a? well balanced, highly nutritious breakfast to feed your muscles and your brain.

This is a mix of whole linseeds (about 50%) mixed with pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds and a few sesame seeds. I put this on my jumbo oats and fruit every morning. It adds a load of great nutrients, fibre and healthy fats. It also leaves me feeling full for hours. Keep this mix in the fridge and then grind a good tablespoon in a little coffee grinder as you need it.

To add an even greater boost to your breakfast you can add in some gogi berries and raw cacao nibs.? This will give you a super-charge of energy and anti-oxidants as well as tasting delish!?

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