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Look After Your Veggies!

Look after your veggies!

This is such an amazing time of year for British grown fruit and veg. If possible go to a local pick-your-own farm to stock up. Kids love to help with the picking, and eating, and it’s clearly the freshest option if you’re not growing your own. If you don’t have this lovely luxury then look at the labels on the fruit and veg in your supermarket or greengrocer and buy as local as possible.? Obviously it’s always best to eat your fresh produce as quickly as possible as levels of nutrients start to deteriorate as soon as they are picked.? A word of caution though when it comes to storing them. Most fruit and vegetables will stay fresh for longer if they are kept in the fridge, but not all. Never store onions, garlic or potatoes in the fridge. Potatoes should be kept somewhere cool, dry and dark to stop them sprouting and turning green. Onions and garlic will go soft and mouldy in the damp environment of the fridge but they will stay firm and juicy in a cool, dry environment so keep them out at room temperature. Keep tomatoes at room temperature too as they will taste so much better than straight from the fridge. From my perspective, a bowl full of veggies on the kitchen counter looks great too!

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