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Stuck for a tasty non-alcoholic drink?

If you’re out for a bite to eat or at the pub with friends, finding a non-alcoholic drink that still feels like a treat can be tricky. If you are the nominated driver or you have decided to stay off the booze then finding something nice to drink that is enjoyable without being packed with sugar, is not so easy. Of course water is always the healthiest option, but if you want something a bit tastier try having a fruit juice diluted with soda or sparkling water. Fruit juices are high in natural sugars so diluting with water makes it better for you while still tasting good.? My drink of choice is grapefruit juice with soda as I like to stay away from the sweeter orange, pineapple and apple juices. Drink with a straw to protect your teeth from the fruit acids and opt for a pint glass with one bottle of juice ensuring you limit the amount of sugars in your drink.

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