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Weighty Issues

Throughout my years in practice I have worked with very many clients who are desperate to lose weight. For some, learning to eat well, balance their blood sugar and/or mitigate levels of stress in the body can be enough to enable the client to lose weight and keep it off.

More often however, the reasons behind persistent weight gain and failure to diet successfully is routed more firmly in psychological rather than physiological issues. Understanding why we choose to eat what we eat and when, is instrumental to having a healthy relationship with food and a healthy body to boot. As long as you are using food to make yourself feel better, to elevate your mood, to fill voids in your life or to deaden uncomfortable feelings, you will always have a weight issue!

Letting go of the diet mentality and coming to terms with the emotional issues that drive you to over eat or to eat the wrong things, will free you from the dogma of the weight-loss world and allow you to experience the joy of eating without feeling out of control of your relationship with food.

Having trained as a psychotherapist specializing in food issues, as well as a nutritional therapist allows Stephanie to address the complex emotional as well as the physical aspects associated with successful and sustained weight loss.

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