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Symptoms are expressions of ill health; they are not the illness itself!

Here in the Western world we have a culture of only attending to ill health. We deal with sickness not wellness and we visit doctors only once our symptoms are bad enough.

However, things are changing. More and more research is being conducted, not only into the causes of the many chronic diseases ? including cancer – that are proliferating in the West, but also into the healing power of certain foods in both combating and preventing these diseases. There is substantial scientific evidence supporting the bio-chemical capability of natural foods in healing and protecting us.

There is of course no single definitive answer, but there are well established lifestyle factors which will most definitely hinder your health whilst there are others that allow your own body to protect and heal itself and ultimately to thrive. By understanding the basics of your body and what best to put in to it in order to maintain good health, you won?t feel at the mercy of the media brainwashing. Health in hand can help you take control of your health.

Health and health scares dominate our media these days. There is a wealth of advice on what we should be doing to maintain a healthy weight and attain good health but it is often contradictory and unrealistic for most people with their busy lives and limited budgets.

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